Digital Schools of Distinction Booster Programme

Digital Schools of Distinction Booster Programme

By Gavin Molloy 

Having helped schools in Ireland to achieve the Digital Schools of Distinction (DSoD) award, and developing a strong relationship with DSoD along the way, we decided it was time to try something new and exciting. The Digital Schools of Distinction Booster Programme.

Digital Schools of Distinction identified 30 schools around the country that have applied for their award and are in the process of working toward it. The plan for the booster programme is to work with these schools, primarily through Cocoon (our online teaching, learning and assessment tool) to help them achieve their digital flag. The schools will have 3 months to work with Cocoon to develop all five DSoD criteria

  1. Leadership and Vision
  2. ICT Integration in the Curriculum
  3. School ICT Culture
  4. Continuing Professional Development
  5. Resources and Infrastructure

Schools were asked a selection of questions at the start of the pilot; one question they were asked was to rate their confidence in achieving the digital flag by the end of the pilot – many schools replied with a zero out of ten. Our job is to help them achieve the flag within 3 months, or get them close enough to getting it that zero rises sharply to nearly ten.

The pilot started in January 2018. 30 schools have started to look at the Cocoon portal to see what it can do for their schools. Can they do it? We will post regular updates on this blog – stay tuned!

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